Sunday, January 23, 2011

Polly want a cracker? (and a slab and perhaps a small sherry?)

This is in a bottlo. According to the Urban Dictionary, bottlo is Australian slang for a business establishment that sells products of alcoholic content. 

Usage: "Oi, pick us up a case at the bottlo."

Case may be replaced with carton or slab or box depending on regional variations but means a carton of beer or cider or something.


  1. You learn something everyday, although I doubt I may ever get asked by someone from Oz looking for a bottlo. It is last summer when I last spoke with an Australian, I remember it well because he is not your average bloke from Oz, or at least I think not calling himself Psycho Sam.

  2. They have a big bird like that one at one of our car wash places! Our three daughters always like to see and talk to "Peanut" there!


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